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Intelligence Solutions Specialists

Who We Are

CEO Tony Burnell founded the company in 2011 with a mission to provide technical support to defence organisations. Early success in this field led to the company embarking on an intense research and development programme, creating specialist signals intelligence solutions capable of analysing the Radio Frequency (RF) spectrum. The aim was to deliver a real-time threat warning capability.

As a result, METIS are proud to have developed the SKYPERION drone detection system and the HYPERION signals intelligence solution.

The METIS Team have a broad knowledge in platform selection and procurement, as well as release to service and test and evaluation requirements.

Our team’s experience and expertise encompass Radar, Defensive Aids Suites, Information Operations, and associated Weapons and Systems Management.

Team members have undertaken leading roles within the Air ISTAR cadre, and include platform experience of Rivet Joint, Boeing E-3D Sentry, Sentinel R MK1, Nimrod R MK1, MR2 and MRA4, Joint Strike Fighter (F-35), Tornado GR4 and Typhoon, as well as a wide range of UAV systems.

What We Do

With a wide range of in-depth experience in air platforms and systems integration, METIS Aerospace can serve both military and commercial clients. With an established track-record, our core products enable an improved understanding of the RF spectrum. Moreover, we understand the need for interoperability and for specific capabilities. In order to meet complex requirements, we have developed intelligent solutions capable of suiting a range of challenging operational demands.

Whilst our core product SKYPERION is a proven drone detection solution, and which is derived from the METIS HYPERION Signals Intelligence solution, METIS are also experienced in developing other airborne sensor applications (including contributions to the European Space Agency funded, MIDAS (Mine and IED Detection Augmented by Satellite) project). In addition, METIS are proud to have recently been awarded (2021) an Innovate UK Knowledge Transfer Partnership, enabling collaborative work with the University of Lincoln to develop a project that will lead innovative research and development into ‘next generation drone detection’ capabilities.

Products & Services

Drone Detection


Proven full spectrum passive RF counter drone solution providing accurate understanding of Drone activity.


Signals Intelligence


Highly accurate, spectrum monitoring and signals detection, geolocation and tracking of Radio Frequency Signals of Interest.



R&D & Innovation

With an in-house R&D department, METIS explore, develop and manufacture drone borne sensor applications and associated AI software algorithms.

R&D Innovation

A unique, agile and dynamic company offering specialist signals intelligence solutions"

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